Life In Focus. A photo essay.

Obama YAY!

Playing Politics

How much is too much when it comes to perpetual campaigning? by Melanie Williams How much time is reasonable for President Barack Obama to spend courting potential voters? Last December, White House spokesman Jay Carney estimated the president spends roughly 5 percent of his week campaigning– a number sure to rise as election day draws …

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A recent spring day's memory on the river is made to be that much better with some filtering and enhancement.

Seeing Through Sepia

Were the good ol’ days really all that good? By Mike Munzenrider The must-have iPhone app of the moment is Instagram, a photo-sharing social network launched in October 2010. In less than two years, the free app has accumulated a whopping 27 million users due to its clean interface, and intuitive, stable technology. Instagram’s most …

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Almost Unplugged

Ditch digital overload with these simple downloads. By Ashley Aram It’s Monday morning, your coffee is brewing, and a new text message pops up on your phone. You stare at your laptop, browsing the multiple tabs—e-mail, Facebook, CNN, and your bank account—all while streaming NPR in the background. Sound familiar? Multitasking is nothing new, but …

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Living Fossils

Our aged Earth, up close and virtual. By Jesse Mandell-McClinton One of the best perks of life in the information age is the ability to plug mental holes with a quick web search. While the Internet provides plenty of avenues to waste away an afternoon, one spent exploring the millions of little facts connecting our …

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The Great Escape

I circumvented time, only to make my way back. By Erica Tasto Their faces loom, a dozen numbers circling the edge, with two hands inching forward. Even beyond the conventional wrist or pocket watch, time is ubiquitous—constricting almost. The continuous ticking pressures us to hurry or judges us for being late. However, despite time’s …

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Happier Meals

The slow food movement challenges our fast food nation. By Melanie Williams A side view of Heartland Restaurant’s warm, inviting atmosphere in Saint Paul. Photo by Elizabeth Klein. One year after McDonald’s celebrated its 30-year anniversary, the franchise expanded to Italy and built its first restaurant in Rome in 1986. Studies would later point out …

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