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Don’t Regret Your Travel Decisions

Summer is approaching fast and many people are thinking about the next place they want to travel to. A summer vacation can be one of the most relaxing times in a person’s life, but choosing a place can be a time-consuming hassle. A recent story on Bing Travel brought in a new perspective on how …

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Enjoying Your Drive

Some of the ways people spend their time while driving their cars; texting, putting on make-up, checking their Facebook, and even eating. There has been a crackdown on these activities lately especially in the state of Minnesota where “the state says that driver distraction contributes to about one-quarter of vehicle crashes annually,” according to the …

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Evolution of Bacteria

“Most of the antibiotics given to livestock aren’t used to treat illness but to quicken the animals’ growth or as a preventive measure to keep disease from sweeping through the crowded pens and cages that are common to industrial agriculture.” -Los Angeles Times Using antibiotics has been a concern for humans for a while. It …

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Put Time into Your Home

Last month, a boulder crushed part of a families home in Ohio. MSNBC staff start out the story by saying, “If you’re having a rough day you might take some consolation from this: at least your cars and home weren’t hit by a rogue boulder.” While this story may make your life seem a little bit …

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Productive City, Productive Life.


For most people, there is an everyday goal of being productive and advancing in some aspect. It seems that the place you live could play a big part in that. The Brookings Institute has created a list of the top fastest-growing metropolitan economies in the world. The cities with the strongest performance in business services, …

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Addicted to Games?


An interesting article from The New York Times written by Sam Anderson, reveals a lot about the time we invest in addictive games and what that means. “In 2011, Rovio’s chief executive claimed that Angry Birds players were spending 200 million minutes inside the game every day — a number that seems simultaneously absurd and plausible. …

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All You Know About Time


Did the Babylonians start our use of the number 60? Is that why there are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 360 degrees to make a full circle? According to a BBC Podcast (listen here), they found this number to be extremely convenient in terms of dividing, and that is the …

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The Universe Spends Time Too


It’s one thing to think about how we ourselves spend time, but have you ever thought about how the universe has spent it’s time? Well, on March 28, 2012, NPR announced that researchers found raindrops fossilized in a rock that is 2.7 billion years old. This is surprising to many, because of the presumptions that …

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Keeping up with the Internet


How important is the internet in your life? For a large amount of people, functioning in today’s society requires regular access to the internet. School, social interactions, work, and even leisure activities can make the internet a necessity. A 2011 article by Josh Wolford says that the number of people who claim the internet is essential …

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Timing Your Survival

A floating restaurant is stranded in a branch of the Yangtze River in Chongqing Municipality

With all of the zombie movies, and action packed thrillers on the market today, have you ever thought about how long you would survive in some of these situations? Since these films are all about the keys to survival, surely the thought has crossed your mind. Well, maybe we all can’t be the Unsinkable Molly …

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