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Music and Meat Dresses: A performer’s personal take on dressing to impress


Most people turn to the runway to find attention-grabbing style, but lately I’ve been looking at the stage. Just as a designer has a model, limited steps, and a few quarter turns to get people to love their clothes, up-and-coming musicians have one set list—and one outfit—to make an impression. Don’t believe me? Think Lady …

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Trends and Slow Fashion: Do we REALLY want to buy that neon crop top?

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Whether you’re squeezing through the racks at Forever 21 or watching the runways at fashion week, you’re guaranteed to see the “new.” And by new, I mean everything from a new style, new seasonal colors, to literally new, recently-manufactured clothing. With boutiques, department stores and designers debuting new fashions and doling out full stockrooms of …

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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Prada.

Fashion blogs are a dime a dozen across the broad spectrum of the good ole’ World Wide Web, and men and women who are ten times more educated, experienced, and frankly, more fashionable than I are telling you what to wear, who to wear, and where and how to wear it. But rather than being …

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