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Facebookin’ Me Crazy

We all know the story, we saw the movie, and we log in countless times each day.  Spawned from a Harvard University dorm room, Facebook hit the ground running.  Expanding its reach past the Eastern colleges, into high schools, the workplace, and most recently, into nursing homes.  Even grandma has a facebook, for better or …

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Top 5 Worst Trends of All Time

Picture 11

5. Celebrities unique names for their children Don’t these celebs understand their child has to live with this name for the rest of their life.  Like a cheesy character from the year’s worst horror movie–or worse like Rebecca Black’s one-hit-wonder, these horrific names will haunt these children well into adulthood. Here are a few of …

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Trending Map

Made popular by Twitter, the term trending has broken away form the homestead to be used in a variety of peculiar places.  WCCO Radio, based in Minneapolis, MN, starts every newscast with, “Here’s what’s trending…”  Not only does Twitter affect what we talk about, it also affects how we talk!  Magazines, mainstream media outlets, social …

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Ever-Popular PEZ Candies

The tangy sweet candy is part of the bliss, but the real magic is in the container.  They are brightly colored, packed with flavor, and fun to eat.  The ever-popular PEZ candies. In 1927, the PEZ candies were created as a breath mint in Vienna, Austria.  While the candies were popular, the trend didn’t break …

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Ugg Obsession

  As soon as the first leaves fall, so begins Uggs Season.  While it may not be as recognized as deer opener, fishing season, or even the ever-popular swimsuit season–that carries excitement and endless workout plans for spring break bound vacationers–ugg season is a time of its own. And for some, it never comes to …

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The Fake Bake Frenzy


It’s below freezing outside and college girls trounce to class in their Uggs and mittens, take off their Northface jackets, and reveal beautifully bronzed skin. Welcome to December in Minnesota…wait whaaat?! They’re not fooling anyone. There’s no way that golden glow stuck around from the burning rays of Minnesota summer sunlight or that 5-day trip …

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A Cheap Night at the Movies. Not.

Picture 10

  Remember when going to the movies was a cheap night out?  Probably not.  To see the next big box-office hit, Titanic in 3D, moviegoers will have to fork over $15.00 a ticket.  That steep price doesn’t even include the stylish 3D glasses, which are an extra $3.50 at most theaters.  The regular, non-3D, evening …

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Still Missing Biggie


The murder of Biggie Smalls, also known as The Notorious B.I.G., rattled the music industry and the rest of America.  Biggie was killed on March 7, 1997 and his fellow rapper, P. Diddy released “I’ll Be Missing You” in memory of his friend. Cathy Scott from Forbes Woman reported: Biggie’s murder sent a shock wave through …

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Keeping Warm Under the Deep Blue Sea

James Cameron

James Cameron’s sporting it.  Jaqcues Cousteau wore it.  And Bill Murray’s crew made it popular in the movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.  So what’s the catch with those silly little stocking hats deep-sea divers like to wear? No, it’s not a fashion statement these hats have a genuine purpose.  According to Forrest Wickman, …

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“You Don’t Have A Smartphone!?”

The "Non-Smart" Verizon Intensity

“Map it on your Smartphone!  Check out this new app…  Oh my gosh I just rocked that Angry Birds game!  Didn’t you get the FB notification on your phone?” Ahh… my answer is always the same: “I don’t have a Smartphone.”  Which is followed by, “YOU DON’T HAVE A SMARTPHONE!?” It’s almost as dramatic as …

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