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Exercise Today to Prevent Alzheimer’s Tomorrow

Take the time to exercise and decrease your chances of developing Alzheimer’s. Its not a new idea that exercising helps out your health in many ways and decreases your chances of developing many diseases, but this article, Any Kind of Activity Lowers Alzheimer’s Risk, in USA Today talks about lowering the chances of developing Alzheimer’s …

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New Solar Panel Projects to Save Energy Costs

A California high school started a new project to install solar panels that will help them cut energy costs for the future. Although this may not be possible every where right now, it makes you wonder if it will greatly benefit the future of our country if we can take the time and money to start …

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Losing Weight With a Feeding Tube

A diet that has been around for years in Europe is making news in the United States. Although controversial, the K-E diet is becoming extremely popular among brides to be trying to shed those last pounds. The K-E diet promises a person to lose 20 pounds in 10 days. This diet works by inserting a …

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The Cell Phone, Time Saver or Time Taker?

Cell phones have became a huge necessity within the past 10 years, but the first cell phone was actually created 30 years ago. Here is an interview with the creator Martin Cooper where he talks about making the first phone call on a cellular device and the future of cell phones. Its no question today …

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Working Americans are Time Wasters


Check out this blog article on The Content Wrangler about Americans wasting large amounts of time and money. It shows a lot of facts about how people waste time and some of these things you might come to realize that you are most definitely guilty of. Enjoy!

Stop Getting Trapped in Traffic Jams


Morning traffic jams and afternoon rush hours can take up a lot of time in a persons day. Many people commute to their workplace and traffic can add on extra time that could be spent doing something else. For some people traffic can even double their commute, which is something no one wants to deal …

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Occupy Your Time


The Occupy Wall street movement took the U.S by storm, starting in New York City and quickly showing up throughout cities in almost every state. Although the movement has not been in the media much lately, local Minnesota organizers of the Occupy movement plan to start up again this April. Its interesting to think about …

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Wasting Time Properly

19 wasting time on facebook

It seems that Facebook is taking over the world lately and there are hundreds of millions of people connecting through the social media site at all hours of the day. Its actually a fact that about 8.3 billion hours are spent on Facebook every month. Its pretty obvious that for many people Facebook is addicting. …

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In Time


There are many movies about time travel, to the future and to the past, which are both very interesting themes that as of now time travel is not possible. The idea of traveling to another time is very fascinating to most people so it seems to always be a hit when there is a movie …

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You’re Traded, and You Have 48 Hours to Decide


Imagine being settled into your home, familiar with the city you live in, and a well paying career you’ve worked all your life for, and with one phone call you find out you must uproot your whole life to an entire different place. That is exactly what can happen if you are a NBA player …

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