Wasting Time Properly

It seems that Facebook is taking over the world lately and there are hundreds of millions of people connecting through the social media site at all hours of the day. Its actually a fact that about 8.3 billion hours are spent on Facebook every month. Its pretty obvious that for many people Facebook is addicting. Since many people have their notifications sent right to their phones, we are constantly connected. What I’m getting at is that Facebook, although a great way to stay in touch among other things, is a distraction. People plan to quickly log on and check their notifications and are then sucked into the Facebook world for an hour or more. Pick out a day and actually keep track of how long you are spending on Facebook and you will probably realize you lose your valuable time throughout the day clicking away on Facebook. Here are five ways to limit your time spent on Facebook:

1. Stop playing games. Playing games on Facebook will suck up your time before you even know it. Just ignore the game request before even opening it up.

2. Go offline on chat. Unless you truly have time to spend chatting away, chatting is one of the biggest reasons people waste so much time on Facebook. You might plan to just log in quick but then be chatting by one person or multiple people and be online forever.

3. Clean up your friends list. For some reason there are people that will just add anyone they can on Facebook, and with that there are people that will also confirm every friend request they receive. Extra Facebook friends will only add useless distractions for you.

4. Limit the amount of application you have. In all actuality they are just pointless.

5. Designate when you can and want to spend time on Facebook. Plan and simple, during that time Facebook all you want, when its not that time do something else thats productive.

These are five of the biggest ways to save time on Facebook, but there are other things to do like avoiding people’s photo albums you really don’t even care about, limiting status updates and avoiding joining too many groups and “like” pages. If you can start to realize what your biggest time wasters are on Facebook you will hopefully stop them, and then have more time in your day!