Google’s Vision of the Future

Imagine being able to see applications in the third dimension, right smack dab in front of your face. It was only a matter of time before virtual reality became a way of accessing all the information a smartphone or computer could.  That time is officially here, or at least, it will be soon. Google has announced the development of “Project Glass,” a concept that would allow users to access various functions of a computer, such as text messages, GPS navigation and more via a pair of transparent glasses. Apparently Project Glass is in the early stages of development, but a concept video produced by Google was released to highlight the capabilities of the high-tech pair of bifocals. Check out the video below.

While some prototypes are being tested outside of the confines of a laboratory, many aspects of Project Glass are still in the discussion stage.  For one, developers cannot decide whether to power the device via wireless connection or by itself. Another issue is its unique design, with a glass rectangle partially covering the right eye and serving as the main viewing contraption, with the left eye uncovered by any lens at all. While these sound like minor issues in the grand scheme of things, the real issue may be antisocial behaviors that arise from such as dependency on machines. David Goldman writes in CNN.com that the Google concept video portrays “the loneliest vision of the future ever,” with the main character making absolutely no contact with another human being. This may be true of some individuals, as technologies have definitely influenced the day-to-day operations of nearly everyone on Earth. But while this technology may be a disservice to some anti-social people, it can greatly benefit those who don’t have a problem with socialization. Some technologies can both benefit and detract from society. It is up to the individual to decide if purchasing the newest technology will make them more efficient without taking away from their personality.