Ugg Obsession


As soon as the first leaves fall, so begins Uggs Season.  While it may not be as recognized as deer opener, fishing season, or even the ever-popular swimsuit season–that carries excitement and endless workout plans for spring break bound vacationers–ugg season is a time of its own. And for some, it never comes to an end.

Ugg boots emerged as a fashion trend in the United States in the late 1990s and as a world-wide trend in the late 2000s.  Before they were tagged as “Uggs” sheepskin boots were worn for comfort and warmth in Australia in the 1930′s, but soon adopted by surfers in the 1960s.  These surfers weren’t just trying to make a fashion statement, they were on to something.

According to Tailored, “Ugg boots are made from the finest wool that has many wonderful properties – letting your feet breath is one of the major ones. And during summer, this means your feet are kept cool. Warm in winter and cool in summer.”


The well-respected Australian boots aren’t cheap.  The most affordable Classic Short Pair goes for $150 while one of the more Classic Tall Bomber is priced as high as $220.  The steep prices make it easy for knockoff “uggs” to gain popularity.  But even with the pressing competition, Ugg Australia boots have held their own through the years.