A Unified Korea and the American Demise

The death of Kim Jong-Il may have been predicted well before his passing in December 2011.

While Kim Jong-Il’s death in December 2011 was widely considered as unexpected, a video game may have prophesized the passing of the North Korean leader almost a year in advance. In THQ’s Homefront, Kim dies in early 2012, less than a month later than his actual death. While this news doesn’t necessarily seem groundbreaking, there haven’t been many fictionalized games predicting the deaths of world leaders in recent memory. In fact, prior to the game’s release, officials insisted that the game’s trailer be edited so that fake news reports detailing Kim’s death weren’t shown to consumers. Below is the controversial trailer.

According to the trailer, Kim Jong-Il’s son, Kim Jong-Un, inherits the role as North Korea’s leader and immediately announces drastic changes to North Korea’s political and societal scene. He illustrates his plans to unify North and South Korea and strengthen their country’s economy and industries. For Americans’ sakes, hopefully the rest of the predictions shown in the video are nothing more than speculation. According to Homefront, the U.S. economy faces a complete collapse in 2022, with an outbreak of bird flu decimating the population and a nuclear weapon detonated over the United States in 2025. Korean military forces quickly invade Hawaii and California and create a dividing line across the nation set at the Mississippi River. Hopefully the prediction of Kim Jong-Il’s death was nothing more than wishful thinking coincidentally being realized at around the same point in time.