Put Time into Your Home

Last month, a boulder crushed part of a families home in Ohio. MSNBC staff start out the story by saying,

“If you’re having a rough day you might take some consolation from this: at least your cars and home weren’t hit by a rogue boulder.”

While this story may make your life seem a little bit better, this is a good reminder of the time you should invest in home-care. Of course, there is not much this family could have done to prevent a boulder from crushing their house, but here are some tips for preventing other costly repairs from Wikihow.com:

  1. Make sure you regularly clean your gutters.
  2. Don’t forget to change your home’s air filters on a regular basis.
  3. Be very aware of any mold growth.
  4. Replace old or malfunctioning fixtures.
  5. Take adequate steps to prevent insect infestations.