Ever-Popular PEZ Candies

The tangy sweet candy is part of the bliss, but the real magic is in the container.  They are brightly colored, packed with flavor, and fun to eat.  The ever-popular PEZ candies.

In 1927, the PEZ candies were created as a breath mint in Vienna, Austria.  While the candies were popular, the trend didn’t break into the United States until the 1950′s.  The “Box Dispensers” that made them popular were designed to resemble cigarette lighters, encouraging people to quit smoking.

As the PEZ company grew in the United States, so did the product.  Popeye dispensers were among the first licensed characters used in PEZ containers.  Later, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Superman, and many other notable characters helped make PEZ containers popular.

PEZ continued to grow in the 2000′s with PEZ Furry Friends, mini dispensers, Giant PEZ dispensers, PEZ Sourz, chocolate PEZ, and collector sets.  Ron Lessnar has been acclaimed as the biggest PEZ collector with a non-repeating set of 780 dispensers.  Some date back half a century. “I don’t go for every variation, because it could drive you crazy,” Lesaar says.