The Cell Phone, Time Saver or Time Taker?

Cell phones have became a huge necessity within the past 10 years, but the first cell phone was actually created 30 years ago. Here is an interview with the creator Martin Cooper where he talks about making the first phone call on a cellular device and the future of cell phones.

Its no question today that nearly everyone has a cell phone. We see people using cell phones everywhere we look. And the interesting thing is that a large amount of the time people spend on their phones is not actually making phone calls, its texting, checking social media sites, or playing games. Although cell phones definitely come in big use when it comes to getting a hold of people throughout the day or in emergencies, but have you ever wondered if cell phones take time away from us? Observe people out in public together, many times although people are together in person you will see them each checking their phones and then you wonder are they even paying attention to each other?

There is a lot of research done about the way we communicate in this generation and how because of the Internet and devices such as cell phones people are losing their ability to properly communicate in person. Think about how many people you text in a day compared to how many people you talk to in person or through a phone call. Don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of texting, but when you realize how much more you communicate through texting or social media its pretty crazy. However the availability to text can be very helpful when you don’t have the time to make a phone call or just need a quick question answered.

So has the invention of cell phones given us more time or taken away our time. Its a hard question to answer. It seems it has actually done both. We are able to get questions answered quicker, we can communicate faster and with many people at a time. But cell phones can be huge distractions and take away in person one on one time, and can even be the source of accidents when it comes to driving.

Whether you love them or hate them, cell phones are not going away. It seems just when you buy a new phone the next style or a faster speed is already out. Although they are expensive and many people go through more then one a year we still buy them and are addicted to them. The cell phone is here to stay.