Made popular by Twitter, the term trending has broken away form the homestead to be used in a variety of peculiar places.  WCCO Radio, based in Minneapolis, MN, starts every newscast with, “Here’s what’s trending…”  Not only does Twitter affect what we talk about, it also affects how we talk!  Magazines, mainstream media outlets, social media–outside of Twitter users–, and marketing strategists have all caught the trending fad.

The term trending refers to a word or phrase that is being highly tagged on the Twitter.  Trendsmap.com provides a real-time interactive map to display an area’s trending topics.  Not bad for gathering public consensus, huh?

Today’s trending topics for the Minneapolis area are:

  • #tmbakwe32
  • #gophernation
  • #gophers
  • #minnewebcon
  • #stadium
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