Timing Your Survival

With all of the zombie movies, and action packed thrillers on the market today, have you ever thought about how long you would survive in some of these situations? Since these films are all about the keys to survival, surely the thought has crossed your mind.

Well, maybe we all can’t be the Unsinkable Molly Brown, who allegedly survived the sinking of the titanic by rowing her safety boat for seven hours with a load of passengers. We can, however, take a few tips from Texas’ own Ken Henderson. According to MSNBC.com Henderson survived 40 hours in the Gulf of Mexico after his boat sank on a fishing trip.

“The water was so cold it took your breath away,” -Henderson told the Associated Press

The man on the fishing trip with Henderson, Ed Coen, did not survive the brutally cold water. In situations like these, it leads us to wonder how long we could survive.