You’re Traded, and You Have 48 Hours to Decide

Imagine being settled into your home, familiar with the city you live in, and a well paying career you’ve worked all your life for, and with one phone call you find out you must uproot your whole life to an entire different place. That is exactly what can happen if you are a NBA player during the trade session. It can be especially hard when a player has a family to think about, but no matter what the trade will hit them hard in some way or another. They say the first time a player is traded is the hardest, it might be one of the first times in a player’s life they are told they are no longer needed for their talent, the talent that has sculpted them as a person. Some players are traded several times throughout their career and each time it takes a toll on their life heavily.

Another hard part about being traded is that players are allowed 48 hours to report to their new team. Two days. Two days to travel to your new home, find a place to live, say good-bye to your family. When a person is making a move they typically have an extended amount of time to make the decision, not in only two days. For NBA players time literally stops in those 48 hours. Also players don’t want to burn any bridges, so although they may be hurt or angry they must still act professionally and accept what has happened. Along with being traded players have to get used to new owners and coaches and learn to vibe with their new teammates. These things can easily throw off a players game and they must quickly learn to adapt to everything if they want to be successful. Most players agree it is a business and decisions are made that they can not control, so in the end they accept the trade.

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