Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Prada.

Fashion blogs are a dime a dozen across the broad spectrum of the good ole’ World Wide Web, and men and women who are ten times more educated, experienced, and frankly, more fashionable than I are telling you what to wear, who to wear, and where and how to wear it. But rather than being ashamed of my newbie fashion status, I plan to embrace it.

Here’s all my fashion know-how summed up into one—wear what makes you happy, and look good while doing it. 

I don’t wear or embrace labels, I don’t watch the fashion blogs like a hawk trying to fish out the next big thing. I do, however, love the art form of fashion and have recently become quite fascinated by how time and fashion drag each other across the pages of magazines and billboards and advertisements and fashion shows. This blog is one that will delve deeper into the love (and sometimes hate) relationship that fashion has with time, and the relationship that we have with the both of them.

If you’re wondering what this will entail, well, stay tuned! No but really, hitting up this web page will give you everything from how long it takes to make your blouse to new fashion movements to time-saving fashion tips for the everyday clothes-wearer.

So read on! (Unless you live in a nudist colony, in which case, you might still find it interesting. Just saying.)