A Prolonged Passing

On a son’s battle with a father in limbo. By Jesse Mandell-McClinton This past July, I returned to a muggy Delray Beach cemetery to watch the casket holding my late step-grandmother lower into the Florida soil beside my grandfather, who passed away in April. I’ve struggled with feelings of confusion and loss since natural causes …

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Almost Unplugged

Ditch digital overload with these simple downloads. By Ashley Aram It’s Monday morning, your coffee is brewing, and a new text message pops up on your phone. You stare at your laptop, browsing the multiple tabs—e-mail, Facebook, CNN, and your bank account—all while streaming NPR in the background. Sound familiar? Multitasking is nothing new, but …

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Live Quick

A 90-second toaster and 13 other efficient items. By Chanel DeVetter iRobot Roomba Vacuum This little robot cleans while you sit back and relax. Starting at $349.99 Sephora Head to Toe Hydrator One cream does it all. Use it on your face, body, hands, and even hair. $14 Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder

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What’s all the Hoopla?

By Ashley Aram What does it take for an idea to morph into the must-have item of the moment? How long does the hype last? Researchers have long referred to a five-stage product life cycle, but fads often accelerate stages and bypass others altogether. Remember that plastic circle we used to rock around our hips? …

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