Cenozoic in the City

By Courtney Reigh.

It’s dinner time in Northeast Minneapolis. But you’re not just any Minneapolitan – you’re on the Paleolithic diet. While the Paleo diet isn’t easy, you CAN eat out. And you should.

The Bulldog:
If you’re tempted by beer and fried foods, steer clear. But if you navigate the menu carefully and make a few changes, you can make this place work.

Beverage: While they’re known for their interesting brews, alcohol isn’t an option. Water it is.
Appetizer: Meat plate (depending on how extreme you’re following the diet, ask if their meat is grass-fed.) It appears the Bulldog likes meat just as much as our prehistoric ancestors. Score!
Main course: The Good Morning burger. As long as the ham and beef are grass-fed or pasture raised, you’ll love this burger that comes with a beef patty, ham and a fried egg. Skip the American cheese and English muffin. And instead of French fries, opt for a side salad.
Dessert: Sorry, not at this restaurant.

Brasa’s all about slow roasted meats. As a Paleo follower, you’ll like it here.

Beverage: You scored at this restaurant. Choose from water, freshly squeezed lemonade, fresh orange juice, tea or coffee.
Side: There’s no distinction between appetizer and main course at this restaurant. For a side dish, try the crispy yuca with citrus & garlic. The collard greens with smoked chicken is also an option.
Meat: The rotisserie chicken with creole style dry rub is your bet at this place. I hope you’re hungry.
Dessert: Brasa’s not big on desserts. Besides, you won’t be hungry after eating the rotisserie chicken.

Masu Sushi & Robata:
You have options here. Because sushi deals primarily in fresh seafood, this is the perfect place for the Paleo follower, as long as you skip the rice and tempura.

Beverage: Water or tea.
Appetizer: You’ve got options. Tons of them. Try the Hotate (grilled scallop robata) and the Kinoko (Japanese mushrooms.)
Main course: Anything without rice. Ask your server to have your rolls made without rice – extra seaweed. Pair this with the Seaweed Salad (you can add snow crab. And you should.)
Dessert: No desserts here. If you’re looking for a finishing touch to your meal, ask your server to see their tea list.