National Day of Unplugging

By Ashley Aram.

For those of you dying to pull the proverbial (and literal) plug on life’s technology overload, you are not alone. This past March, a creative project called the Sabbath Manifesto led the National Day of Unplugging, where people pledged on and subsequently detached themselves from technology for 24 hours. This day of powering down has been happening since 2010, and includes ten principles that pledgers can choose to follow. So if you’re unlike the greater population or just severely in need of a digital detox, have your own unplug day, and try following these ten principles. They’re hardly difficult and even sound quite enticing, especially for those whose eyes spend the majority of their time gazing at a computer screen.

The Ten Principles for your Unplugged Day

1. Avoid technology.
2.Connect with loved ones.
3.Nurture your health.
4.Get outside.
5.Avoid commerce.
6.Light candles.
7.Drink wine.
8.Eat bread.
9.Find silence.
10.Give back.

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