Real Time

Nail Lacquer (just cut)

A Wrinkle in Time

What happens when the beauty industry turns ugly? By Allison Pavlick We nip, tuck, tweeze, inject, and pour countless dollars into a multi-billion dollar beauty industry in our quest to freeze time. The idea of aging naturally seems primitive, an antiquated custom from a simpler time we’ve since evaded. Today’s youth-obsessed culture is hooked on …

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Happier Meals

The slow food movement challenges our fast food nation. By Melanie Williams A side view of Heartland Restaurant’s warm, inviting atmosphere in Saint Paul. Photo by Elizabeth Klein. One year after McDonald’s celebrated its 30-year anniversary, the franchise expanded to Italy and built its first restaurant in Rome in 1986. Studies would later point out …

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Life, Interrupted

Meet two couples whose lives took an unexpected turn. By Morgan Mercer Guy Still. Restless Spirits 12 months. 30 states. 20 countries. Armed with travel books and a loose itinerary, Guy Still quit his job at Fox News and set off on a year-long trek with his girlfriend (now fiancé), Heidi Melquist. It’s an …

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Recalibrate in Eight

A new take on an old practice. How to meditate between life’s busy moments. By Erica Tasto Every morning Drew Stevens wakes and sits motionless for eight whole minutes. He scoots to the edge of his bed, feet flat and arms tucked into his sides at neat right angles. He inhales deeply then lets the …

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